Thursday, April 28, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

In the Strand's window, excellent advice from John Waters:

Check out John Waters' curated collection at The Strand, a bunch of books that he says "will help you become a well-rounded, happy neurotic who can finally reject your own guilt and shame and embrace the outer limits of human behavior."

Pop-up bookshop sells one book: “This makes books feel like an art installation,” said the author. “We should care about them.” [CR]

Saying goodbye to Beat-era poet and filmmaker Ira Cohen, who just passed away. [WIC]

The horrifying future of Coney Island. [Curbed]

The swizzle stick madness continues. Chum's Mum adds a pic to the VNY flickr pool and Marty After Dark hunts one down at the Brandy Library.

Is your home included in the East Village preservation map? [EVG]

Take a Forgotten NY Tour this season. [FNY]

Obama in NYC: as he looked around the room, "crowded with sequined women in Christian Louboutin designer shoes," Obama said, "Everybody here almost by definition has lived out that American dream. The question is, will that same story be told by our children and grandchildren? Will it be told by the folks who do all the work here in New York City and across the country, washing dishes?" [via Gothamist]


marty said...

What a great quote from John Waters!

Claribel said...

More great John Waters quotes from last weekend's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!":

SAGAL: Would you describe, for those who aren't lucky enough to have seen one, what -like, a John Waters movie is, quintessentially?

Mr. WATERS: Well, I think it just worships - you know, it's political action against the tyranny of good taste.

SAGAL: Would there be a John Waters, at least in terms of your career, if you hadn't grown up Baltimore?

Mr. WATERS: Who knows? Because I did, and I still live here. But everybody in wherever you live, if you learn to celebrate what people try to hide about your community, you can have success.

He has to be my all time favorite celebrity sighting in the EV.