Saturday, April 30, 2011

35 Cooper Coming Down

Some sad, but unsurprising, breaking news this weekend. After a recent meeting with concerned neighbors, from which they emerged optimistic, the owner of 35 Cooper Square has communicated via his lawyer to council member Rosie Mendez about his final decision on the fate of the beloved building:

The key sentence in this excerpt is: "Unfortunately, it was concluded that it would not be feasible to develop the site with the building or any significant portion of it remaining." 35 Cooper Square is coming down. As Grieve noted yesterday, more scaffolding has arrived at the building.

The owner will be making a financial contribution to the Landmarks Conservancy to help document the histories of Federal buildings such as #35, for which "creation of an historic record is all that can be done."

The History of 35 Cooper Square
35 in Scaffolding
35's Personal Jane Jacobs


Anonymous said...

these styles of buildings are historic there are not a lot yet .you will find some spread out in the city .has anyone tried to get it historic designation?
what a shame. so much of this city's history has been destroyed not to be recovered every again.

BrooksNYC said...

It just never ends. Lately, I've been numbing out to all of this stuff. Or maybe I'm rationing my feelings....I don't know.

But 35 Cooper Square breaks my heart. It really breaks my heart.

JS said...

Despite the existence of the LPC, New York's history continues to be destroyed. Developers still reign supreme. One only has to look at the Bowery with its growing number of enormous, out-of-scale development to view the effects of this lack of preservation.