Friday, April 15, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Something called IOBY wants to turn the 13th St. Mystery Lot into "your favorite park."

Digging into DeFonte's Sandwich Shop. [Eater]

The Village Voice building is burning--back in 1905. [RS]

If the Electric Circus opened today--would you complain? [EVG]

A stack of colorful pics of the city circa 1962. [FP]

Beatnik riot commemoration canceled in Washington Sq. Park. [WSP]

Last chance to see the Emperor of Rome and Jesus Christ in "an X-rated wrestling match for the hearts and hard-ons of ancient Rome." [PP]


Goggla said...

Very cool fire pics - I hope all the canaries, parrots, pigeons and songbirds were ok!

Claribel said...

Those DeFonte sandwiches are sooooo good! During peak hours you've got to have your order ready though. They don't mess around.

femmes said...

Has anyone sent you this tumblr post on places where bookstores used to be in New York?

Jeremiah Moss said...

femmes, are there any photos there, or is he just asking people to send them in?