Monday, April 11, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Dr. Who diehards slept all night last night in tents and Snuggies at the Village East cinema--where the line went around the block-- all for the series opener of season 6:

Remembering rocking at L'Amour, "rock capital of Brooklyn." [VL]

Finding the remains of former tenants in old apartments. [NYT]

Prune brunch crowds annoy the neighbors. [EVG]

A walk through Hell's Kitchen. [FNY]

Men in Black rescue Coney's oldest building. [ATZ]

Warm weather means the bedbugs are reproducing like, well, bedbugs. Now they've invaded an upscale gym. [Gothamist]

What New Yorkers actually pay to see Charlie Sheen? [RS]

Poetry lures East Village audience by appealing to foodies and mixologist fanciers. At $55 per person. [TLD]


maximum bob said...

"Finding the remains of former tenants in old apartments."
Imagine my relief when I realized that this was NOT a literal description of the NYT article.

Grand St. said...

That Dr. Who nerd mob was wrapped all the way around 12th and down 3rd today. Had no idea what they were up to.
Would've guessed they were trying to levitate the NYU dorm.

L'Emmerdeur said...

Cry the beloved country... it pains me to see someone with the writing skills of a 6-year-old is a "Marketing and Brand Strategy Consultant" who can afford the Reebok fees. I suspect that title is a euphemism for "prostitute", which pains me equally, because they don't even make THOSE like they used to.

Jeremiah Moss said...

not sure why'd you sleep overnight on the street just to watch a TV show. don't people have TVs at home?

Mark said...

yet another excellent reason to have left 12th Street. I would have been livid.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I was wondering what that line on 3rd Ave was for - I just thought NYU ran out of dorm rooms!

Starzstylista said...

M. Deur -

I always assume those Sex and the City types are at least part-timers.

Bedbugs Gak! There were lots of crappy things about the city in the day - junkies shooting up in your hallway (happened to me), junkies breaking into your apartment and falling asleep (happened to my friend), junkies nodding out and blocking doors, streetcrossings, stoops (happened to everyone) - but I will take that plague over this one.

In fact junkies were less pesky that the marketing consultants of which M. Deur speaks.

It occurs to me - a great blog would be Junkie Follies - crazy sh*t you have seen junkies do. Like a Junkie Overheard in NY. No judgment as to lifestyle - but I don't know anyone my age (old) who hasn't seen some hilarious stuff.