Monday, April 25, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

How a shot of the Highline Revs/Cost mural ended up on the wall of the McDonald's in the Louvre Museum of Paris. [Streetsy]

photo: Jake Dobkin

Easter Parade pics--starring jellybean top hats and the Queen of Queens. [Gothamist]

The International Bar has a blog--who knew they went on fishing trips? [IB]

How to poison the view of the ugly condo that just blocked your view--with creepy baby heads, middle-finger candles, and your naked, "bulging oiled belly." [Restless]

New York City vocabulary lesson. [BB]

"We get it, Post--cyclists are ruining this city." [RS]

A big sign on the LES: Underage drinking will not be tolerated. The fratties quake in their Dockers. [EVG]

You can never revisit the color photos of Saul Leiter too often. [ENY]

A rock n' roll map of Manhattan. [FP]

Today's cupcake: "doesn't fit into a person's mouth because it is eating-disorder food. It is food for people whose ideas of pleasure and vice are so twisted up that they can't imagine a sweet treat of normal proportions." [Slate]

Spooky night shots of Rye Playland. [SNY]

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