Friday, April 8, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Live from Greenpoint's homeless shelter town meeting--lots of yelling promised. [NYS]

Check out this week's New York magazine, with stories about apartment life from Luc Sante and David Rakoff, what the sale of the Chelsea Hotel means for the residents, and the tale of a New York character named Freeman Gunter.

The city's trying to take the Astor Place newsstand away from the man who's run it for 24 years. [NYDN]

MTA cracks down on Metrocard art--what does this mean for "Single Fare"? [EVG]

Writing an oral history of the Lion's Head bar. [NYT]

"...old New York and new New York remain in conflict, and old New York is losing." Dust forcibly removed from McSorley's--and Minnie the Cat, too. [NYT]

Sunshine Hotel hit with another injustice. [BB]

"Gentrified Minds is one man’s primal scream from the 'transformed' sidewalks of New York City, an ode to the days before obnoxious hipsters, Lady Gaga’s monsters and all other pop-culture perils turned New York and its five boroughs into the sub-Urban incarnation it is today." [GMs]

Reading Ginsberg's Moloch. [P&W]

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