Tuesday, March 8, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The almost-open Rockography Cafe on 13th and 6th warns the neighbors with an advisory about "excessive alcohol consumption" and "extreme noise pollution."

This will be the final summer of Coney Island before it's turned into a dead chain mall. [Gothamist]

Efforts continue to save 35 Cooper Square, the little house soon to fall. [EVG]

A Hell's Angel interviewed on 2nd and St. Mark's--in 1970. [FP]

Buying a book on the street and remembering a father. [WIC]

Remembering the 1970s FOOD co-op restaurant in Soho. [SMP] via [WSP]

Brownstone Brooklynites sue the city to remove a bike lane. [NYT]

Join the bike lane debate. [NYT]

Many people are still so stupid they leave their stuff unattended to be stolen. Central Park is not the college quad. [Gothamist]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

When I saw that Gothamist article, I thought of you and your post about people leaving things in sidewalk cafes.

A couple of years ago, I was in CP for a concert, so there were hundreds of people spread out on the grass. After an hour or so, people started asking about an unattended gym bag that seemed not to belong to anyone. We all watched and waited for another couple of hours and, when still no one claimed it, one guy approached some nearby cops and told them the bag had been there for about 3 hours. They didn't care, so he (not knowing what was inside and not wanting the thing around anymore) moved it over to the grass by the cop car. About ten minutes later, this 20-something guy ran around frantically, saying "Where's my bag?!" This guy had been taking surveys all over the park, left his bag on the grass and then was shocked that it wasn't there when he came back 3 HOURS LATER.

rsl said...

these people are not ready for new york OR the world. but since his bag was still there, maybe he knows more than we do.

Jeremiah Moss said...

3 hours. i can't even put my bag under the restaurant table where i'm sitting unless i can feel it against my foot.

it's a miracle when these people's stuff is not stolen. but clearly, based on what police are saying, they more often get robbed.

Jonathan said...

I'm torn on whether to visit Coney Island this summer. I'm definitely not coming back once it's been generic-washed and blandified, but should I head down for one last helping of Ruby's, et al?