Thursday, March 3, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

There's a tiny holdout building in the middle of Macy's--hidden behind billboards! [ENY]

A vanished Village gas station revealed in a 1970's porno movie! [SNY]

On the LES, could this circa 1940s faded sign be real--or a leftover from a movie set?

Kristine Paulus: from the VNY flickr pool

Should we call it Euro-Coney? First the Italians, now the French are moving in. [ATZ]

An obituary for the Chinatown Fair Arcade. [BB]

Looking back at Bleecker and the loss of Kim's, Triumph Diner, Magic Shoes (the original, not the second, which is also gone)--all replaced by dead condo bricks and a bank. [FP]

Ancient subway street names that just won't die. [FNY]

Capturing the many humans of New York. [EVG]

A demolition on Fifth Ave. in Park Slope might be the former home of Walt Whitman's brother. [OMFS]


Ken Mac said...

Jeremiah, what do you call that new super rich hood above Canal and below Soho? I mean, it's outrageous: new Euro money, Euro accents everywhere, up scale restaurants (on Broome and Bway?), three high end dog toy stores, Babeland sex toy store, galleries, fresh lofts with grand pianos. Stores that sell I don't know what. Makes stock Soho look like MacDougal Street. Hyperreality of the ugly rich. NoCanChi?

Jeremiah Moss said...

NoCanChi--i like it. sounds like No Can Do. NoCanSoHo?

Crazy Eddie said...


Wonder if you can link this as a separate tread, is this no place safe?



Anonymous said...

that faded sign is a new thing, definitely not an original and most likely not from a movie set, but maybe something used to promote the tenement museum when it was located on that corner which that jeans place now occupies.