Friday, March 25, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

March tomorrow for Little Italy and the Feast--while a letter to the Villager's editor calls the leader of the Save the Feast movement a bully and a clown. [Villager]

Supporters of pop-up gutter cafes "drowned out by boos and hisses." [Eater]

When Barney's was the "cut-rate clothing king"! [ENY]

The East Village--now the home of the Dockers demographic. [EVG]

A newsstand survives while its neighbors drop like flies. [Restless]

Walking Brooklyn's Columbia waterfront. [FNY]

3/29: Gary Indiana and Arthur Nersesian at St. Mark's Bookshop.

A strange story about a Park Slope cupcake shop and the Ricky's chain. [HPS]

KATSU on University Place:


Signed D.C. said...

I think this film might be up your alley, if you haven't seen it already:

fifilaru said...

OMG, it is a gigantic vagina cone. Wow, wonder what demographic they are aiming at? Wonder what it would be in Hell's Kitchen....

Joseph said...

The real hate regarding San Gennaro seems to be from Mr. Hurwitt.

1. When these merchants entered the neighborhood, they knew what they were getting into. No one, strong armed them. No one forced them to go.

2. I was at most of the event on Saturday, there was not one...not one...hateful thing said about the merchants, the Chinese who live in the area, etc. People spoke about how proud they were to be Italian, about the good relations between the Chinese and Italian Community by Victor Papa and music. If that is the stuff of hate, then let there be more hate.

I heard more hateful things coming out of the shop owners and their suck-up supporters as I walked Mulberry St. that afternoon.