Wednesday, March 9, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Why I love, love, love the ladies at Manganaro's. They're not closing--because the shop is "a hundred and twenty fucking years old and it's beautiful." [NYO]

Best indie bookshops of NYC. [Gothamist]

More shiny glass and greenery from NYU. [Curbed]

Carmine's selling itself off. [Grub]

Luxury on Mulberry--wait til these people move in on the Feast. [EVG]

Enjoy a couple shots of the Feast in the 1970s. [Flickr]

The last woody. [FNY]

A lost Madonna in Park Slope. [OMFS]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Ms. Dell'Orto just made my Christmas card list. I'd say you go, girl! but she'd probably kick me in the teeth.

MagWildwood said...

The Drama Bookshop, on West 40th, right across the street from The New York Times building. Near 8th Ave. The best atmosphere. Couches for struggling and not-so-struggling actors to sit on and actually read plays. Not on Kindles. Not with overpriced coffee and pastries.

79rigid said...

"I listen to both sides,give 'em the finger and move on."