Monday, March 14, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Tension on Flatbush: "Maybe they are trying to bring a little bit of that Manhattan stuff to our neighborhood." [CNY]

New Brooklyn Magazine to feature column entitled "Self-Loathing Gentrifier." [NYO]

Visiting Bleecker Bob's record shop. [MAD]

Q&A with Miss Coney Island 2011. [ATZ]

When city businesses advertised on matchbook covers. [ENY]

The Lower East Side loses another poet. [EVG]


Anonymous said...

I used to go to a small CD/music store on Bleecker, between Christopher and Grove. Is it still there?

Seeing those matchbook covers reminds me: remember when bars put PLASTIC stirrers in drinks, not those tiny straws? They were very different, various colors, many had name of the bar. They're like jewels. Wish you'd write about them sometime.

Once again, "goodbye to all that."

BabyDave said...

Anon 5:44 --

Rebel Rebel shows upon Google Maps if you zoom in on 319 Bleecker Street, but I haven't been over that way recently, so I doun't know how current the photo is.