Thursday, March 24, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Spotted in Chelsea: "Welcome to Bloomburg...Owner and CEO Michael R. Bloomberg":

Even FAO Schwarz not permitted in glitzy Bloomburg. [Racked]

How does the world end? "Not with a bang, but an iPad." [NYS]

In Williamsburg: "poor people who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for luxury condominium units are finding that their upscale paradise is turning into a ramshackle ghetto." [Gothamist]

Liz Taylor's New York. [CR]

The artisanalization (?) of 7th St. continues. [EVG]

March 29: Don't miss Brian Rose speaking on the LES before and after, complete with fantastic photos. [BR]

Don't forget, this Saturday: Rally in Little Italy. [FB]


Ed said...

I've taken to calling this place "Bloomberg" on occasion, without really thinking about it. If he somehow gets a fourth term, this will catch on.

laura said...

thank you for the link to elizabeth taylor. is nice to see a mention of someone i actually have heard of, not a punk rocker, or a junkie. someone of universal significance. read obituary last night, ny times. i grew up w/her, cleopatra & all. she was one of those vanishing beauties, amazing artist, the real thing.