Monday, January 11, 2010

Left Bank & Cherry

Left Bank Books has set a date to leave quiet, little, Marc Jacobs-filled 4th Street for 8th Avenue between 12th and Jane.

Left Bank

Until January 31, they are having a big sale: 70% off many of their books. I hear the new spot will be larger and more organized, which means no more kooky, cluttered used-bookshop ambiance, so soak it in quick.

The spot they are moving to, next to Chocolate Bar, is currently occupied by the Cherry Boutique, described by Betsey Berne at Mr. Beller's Neighborhood as "a vintage store in the West Village, known for its Fashion Meets Twilight Zone window displays that make Christmas at Barney’s look like Sesame Street."


The Cherry gates were shut when I went by, so I didn't get that effect, but a silver glitter-covered creeper did make me curious. I've never been inside Cherry and what I didn't know is that it houses the Joseph LaRose Shoe Collection, which (like me) you may never have heard about, but can read about from Betsey and see here at the Cherry website, if you're into crazy lady's shoes.

I'm not so into crazy lady's shoes, but this LaRose is interesting if only because "He once convinced Betty Grable to wear a different colored boot on each foot" and his shoes were worn by Joan Crawford and Jayne Mansfield.

Cherry's goodbye sign

Cherry is moving on up--to the Showplace Antiques Center on West 25th Street.


Carol Gardens said...

Good Luck to Left Bank. Btw, a number of excellent vintage and antiques stores have moved into that center, relocating from high-rent districts (like Mood Indigo from Soho). Not a bad way to go. I buy my Victrola needles at Waves.

Bowery Boogie said...

A delightful twist of irony, indeed. Good luck to Left Bank.

John said...

A further irony, per your Quentin Crisp tidbit above this post, the last book I remember purchasing at Left Bank was a first edition of his "How To Have a Life Style." Unfortunately, Left Banks Books is now losing its quintessential bookshop location -- "larger and more organized" are not among my favorite adjectives -- and, you're right, *was* that Quentin Crisp film ever in theaters? Someone should write "How To Have a Culture" because ours is disappearing.

Melanie said...

Does anyone know what will be replacing Snackilicious Falafel on 2nd Avenue off St. Marks???

Anonymous said...

I visited Left Banks last summer and although haven't revisited, still remember its beautifully decayed white exterior. Was wondering how long it would survive on a cross-street with Marc Jacobs stores.

Hey..are you going for the screening of “The Vanishing City,” a documentary by Fiore DeRosa and Jen Senko? It's playing at Judson Memorial Church tomorrow at 7:00 pm. Google to check trailer, I don't think I can insert links here.
I will be there, lemme know if you are coming too. Would love to meet up!

Andrew Porter said...

56 8th Avenue, which is the next block up, I think, was the site of The Science Fiction Shop, run by Baird Searles and Martin Last.

Jeremiah Moss said...

sadly, i keep missing those screenings. but one of these days...