Tuesday, January 12, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Paypal for Ray's Candy takes donations--donate today and save Ray's! [EVG]

Slum Goddess' new BFF: Grimace. [SG]

Edie the hamster fixes her flat tire. [Gothamist]

So what's going into the former East Village Chocolates by the Bald Man space? It's none other than a bank--the fourth one in a two-block radius:

Chase banks on every corner. [CR]

Hyper-gentrification is happening all over--Don Everett Pearce sings about it in LA. [youtube]

Brooklyn Navy Yard history saved one artifact at a time. [NYT]

Thor's Coney Island flea market is for lease. [ATZ]


Grand St. said...

Great. 8th Avenue b/w 14th and 23rd, already a wasteland of mediocre cuisine (minus the gem Taza de Oro and the fine, but pricey Gascogne, has added the following in the past year or so:

Original Roy's Pizza (how about that one?)
...and now Ruben's Empanada's

Wonder what will arrive when the Blockbuster shutters...

John said...

I used to love Ruben's until last year when they renovated their space in the EV and started putting raisins or something in the empanadas. It was a dive and it should have stayed that way.

Ken Mac said...

dive? There will be no dives in Bloomie's new New York!

Melanie said...

Is this an off-shoot of their location in the EV??or are they leaving the EV and moving to Chelsea??

Jeremiah Moss said...

i think Ruben's is expanding