Wednesday, January 13, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Another chain falls: The Pizzeria Uno on 6th Ave and 8th Street has shuttered. It's being emptied into a Dumpster where enterprising divers are making off with pizza pans, life-size posters of James Dean, gumball machines--even the UNO signage:

85-year-old Harlem diner, Collegiate Food Shop, to shutter. [NYDN]

13-story building to rise on the High Line. [Curbed]

Tower Records becomes a No Longer Empty, for more empty storefront fun. [Racked]

Keep an eye on the White House flop. [EVG]

See Freddy's Bar on FOX News. [FIB]

DIY bed bug detector. [Wired via McB]

Brooks asks, "Is it morally right to make ugly buildings look beautiful?" And the answer... [Restless]

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Rutila said...

Oh shucks. The Pizzeria Uno on Sixth Avenue closed. I used to love walking by and spitting on its sidewalk.