Tuesday, January 5, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

As bowling goes luxury, an old player answers the question: Can bowling save the city? “Maybe that disco bowling can... But it’s not saving bowlers. It’s not saving me.” [NYT]

Following up on the sad demise of Frank's Deli: "People have been coming in in tears." [CN]

The 83-year-old Loews Canal, most recently a TV repair shop, could be a theater again--possibly with 12 stories of condos on top. [DE]

Is Le Souk still operating? [EVG]

Roiphe on sex and the American male novelist: "we are simply witnessing the flowering of a new narcissism: boys too busy gazing at themselves in the mirror to think much about girls, boys lost in the beautiful vanity of 'I was warm and wanted her to be warm'..." [NYT]

Now that the government has taken away our analog television (I still can't get reception) and many have invested in cable, the fees are going up, up, up. As predicted and no doubt planned. [NYT]

The Pink Teacup has been saved from certain death and will be moving. [VV] Here's how it looks today:


John said...

You have a television!?!

Jeremiah Moss said...

yes, indeed! and a DVD player, and a computer, and several other electronics. i'm not that much of a luddite.

Anonymous said...

Digital broadcast is a joke. Our reception is lame but we didn't give in to cable. We hooked our TV up to a computer and now watch everything on demand on Hulu, Netflix ($10/month) and various other streaming sites.

There are ways around cable, for now.

Ken Mac said...

That was a Lowe's ? Amazing. And what a great sign.