Monday, January 25, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Slacktivists rallied this weekend to Save Ray's. There were cops and bikers, and there were Slum Goddesses. At least one cowboy showed up. And of course, the man voted "New York City's cuddliest anarchist":

Find out more ways you can help Save Ray's. [EVG]

Ian Frazier: "Freddy’s Bar & Backroom is indeed in distress, sitting as it does in the 'footprint' of the massive, multibillion-dollar Atlantic Yards project." [NYer]

A crazy clapboard house rises in glassy Times Square. [SNY]

Condo owners throwing eggs at noisy Park Slope dogs. Wrote Brownstoner, "a Novo resident came out one morning recently and asked owners to quiet down their dogs because his baby was sleeping." [Gothamist]

Dreamland Artist mural to vanish with Feltman's fate. [ATZ]

StuyTown handed over to its creditors. [NYT]

Thaasophobia: fear of boredom. "One cellphone company has even promoted the idea of microboredom, which refers to those moments of inactivity that occur when we’re, say, stuck waiting in line for a latte without our BlackBerry." [NYT]

Shepard Fairey will be the last artist to paint the Deitch billboard space on Bowery. [BB]

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Jonathan said...

Screw Tishman Speyer. They got what they deserved for trying to kick out the ST/PCV old-timers and rent-controlled tenants and "luxurifying" the whole place. Karma's a bitch.