Monday, November 30, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

David Freeland digs through the history of an old East Harlem theater once known as the Cosmo. [GLF]

Happy 20th Birthday to Max Fish. [EVG]

Glory be, the Nom Wah Tea Parlor reopens on Doyers Street! [LC]

Hubert's Dime Museum--one of the many places that makes me wish for a time machine. [ENY]

In Queens, watching old houses fall to make room for McMansions and Fedders boxes. [HP]

A belated Thanksgiving greeting from Greenpoint. [NYS]

A reason to go to the Time Warner Center--rock & roll. [Stupe]

Take a visit to Fort Totten. [Blah]

Goldman Sachs building drops another load. [Gothamist]

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Nayoung said...

Hello there,

What a great blog you have here! I only wish i'd discovered it earlier. I'm currently researching the gentrification of the Lower East Side and the East Village, and your extensive documentation has been very helpful for brainstorming. But here is a question for you: have you encountered any street art that confronts this gentrification either by addressing it directly in the artwork or by making a statement through its placement, repetition across the cityscape, or iconic use of public space? I've been walking around both neighborhoods trying to find such examples, but street art is already such an ephemeral artform that i'm afraid i might be missing a lot. The only example i've found is the "The East Village is Dead" mural on 1st between 2nd Ave and Extra Pl. That line could be interpreted in various ways, of course, but the first thought that came to me when i saw it was gentrification. I've also been looking through your east village/LES album on flickr (also very helpful!), but if you any ideas/examples off the top of your head, i'd greatly appreciate them. I can be reached at aureiden[@]gmail[.]com or, if you prefer, the contact info on my blog. Thank you so much in advance!