Wednesday, November 18, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Alex's "Then and Now" covers Noho and Soho. [FP]

Grieve gets some graffiti love. [EVG]

Coop hotel revelers party under Homer Simpson's mug. [NMNL]

Lou Reed will be at NYPL 12/8. [Stupefaction]

92Y Tribeca brings you back to NYC in the 70s--in film. [BB]

Enter the Jazz Loft. [P&W]


EV Grieve said...

So, wait. It's an edible thong? Or just a thong with frosting? (Uh, so to speak...sorry.)

Anyway, didn't edible underwear go out of style in like 1975?

Anonymous said...

Vaginas: Not so much infantile, but definitely cute enough to bite.

c.o. moed said...

brilliant and THANK YOU! although I guess it could be an improvement over vaginas having teeth. Which then begs the question: does that make it a dog eat dog world or some variation of that?

Anonymous said...

The Lou Reed event is already sold out.

Bryan said...

Thanks for the link, JM. The series is cool but I'm really looking fwd to the book as well. The images section of the project's home site should be right up your alley. Great stuff.

Icarus' Heir said...

The Wired store comes complete with a Camaro AND plumber's crack!

Anonymous said...

New York City, particularly the East Village and Lower East side, is a giant wave of California immigrants.

Everyone is from California. They hate New Yorkers, they LOATHE New Yorkers.

Because they know we are the real deal. They want other skateboard riding, valley accented people around. They don't like the natives, and the natives don't like them either.

So watch out, you California Pricks.