Thursday, November 12, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Coming soon to Bedford Ave: Improvements to the public urination facilities once known as payphones! [NYS]

After I announced the Decapitator's treasure-hunt yesterday, readers and bloggers hustled to find the altered magazines. The Voice got one. So did Tokion. After a couple of tries, I managed to score one of my own. It's way better than an Easter egg. Did anyone else find one?

For bachelors who came to NYC seeking, as one actually said, "this sort of ‘Sex and the City’ lifestyle," life has gotten rather hard. [NYT]

Some unemployeds just can't stop spending hundreds a month on Starbucks and mani-pedis. [Gothamist]

Antique footwear discovered in Orchard demolition. [BB]

Enjoying the pleasures, and pains, of urban window peeping. [NYT]

Bloomberg buys Sitt's Coney--now what? [NYT]

A cabinet of curiosities at Coney Island. [ATZ]

Hello kitty. [EVG]

So many chains, so many new signs. The Chase at 8th and 2nd got a big one. Best Buy in Union Square got one. The 7/11 on 14th got one. You've got to cherish these authentic New York moments...


c.o. moed said...

I went into some kind of buried-alive shock seeing the 7-11. Then I went into complete denial and started taking the L train rather than the bus. Then I had a bizarre fantasy that maybe I should move to some mid-western town with a whole lot of NYers and just take it over.

Ed said...

I've had the same idea. Though born here, I've lived in a midwestern city, and I realized recently I've adopted the same approach that I took after two years in that other city -go to work, go back home, go to work, go back home and hope someday you can just leave.

The problem is that many of these cities in the midwest are in much worse shape economically. Its really hard to find a job there. That may be why so many people from these places came here.