Tuesday, November 24, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

The Papaya King on 14th and 7th is shuttered. The neon lights are off, the shades are down, and the interior is a wreck of packing boxes. It went on the market last January.:

Walker in the City visits Bleecker Street and the author responds to all those many Marc Jacobs stores: "I imagined myself, if I had a business, having three or four shops on one street with my name on them all and the thought embarrassed me." [WIC]

Avalon Bowery appears to emit "poison molecule," sends blogger into paroxysms of paranoid delusion. [Restless]

Brian Berger interviews Luc Sante about his new book. [WWIB]

Umm...what? "During his campaign for a third term, Mayor Bloomberg stifled a Freedom of Information Law request by withholding the release of photographs of himself with Sarah Palin until two weeks after the election, the Daily News reports." [Gothamist]

PJ Hanley's pub to move in next to the International Bar? [EVG]


The Revolutionary said...

That's too bad. I used to love that place.

Anonymous said...

Section 8, the gay bar on Avenue A (close to 14th on the east side of the Ave), also closed suddenly. Walked by last night and the place was locked up, a "for rent" sign covering the door, empty and the pool table gone (but all the bottles still behind the bar).

It was always pretty empty. Not sure why it never took off -- it was managed by the old Phoenix crew (Lauren, Jeff, Eddie, Robert, etc.). Sad.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Sad news about Papaya

Gena said...

I literally let out a wail of horror upon reading that Papaya King was shut down. My FAVORITE hot dog place ever. I know there's another one (I think) cause there a chain, but not the same. I used to always go there after a depressing night on the singles scene, and it cheered me up always to have a hot dog with cheese. You'd think in this economy MORE people would be wanting cheap hot dogs. At least we still have Gray's Papaya on 72nd. For now.

mingusal said...

The original Papaya King is still open, of course. 3rd Ave. & 86th St.