Thursday, November 5, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Residences for women--a flashback to the past still surviving in the city. [NYT]

"The Vanishing City," the documentary, screens tomorrow night. Check it out! [VC]

"Biggus Buckus," the imperial Bloomberg: "New Yorkers know...that we’re bought and paid for. We know that there is something unseemly, even humiliating, about submitting ourselves to be ruled by the richest man in town." [NYer]

Enjoy King Con Brooklyn, a fest for Brooklyn comic book artists and more. [McB]

More exhibitionistic bathing on tap. [EVG]

Dig this classic "Gowanus Canal Song." Even in 1898 the smell was "horrid." [PMFA]


Melanie said...

What is with the rumor abut Odessa closing???I hate rumors--I like Odessa.

LBfromBufad said...

I lived at the Parkside Evangeline - it was exactly like they talk about in the article, except since the Parkside was run by the Salvation Army, they didn't allow alcohol (which I smuggled in anyway).

I met two of my oldest NYC friends there, we're still friends. I can't believe it's a condo/hotel now.