Tuesday, November 10, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

High Line condos just keep getting shinier and glassier. Here's HL23 with its quilted-metal, space-age skin and sloping windows that you know no shades will ever cover--because hovering over the High Line is the perfect spot for showing off your goods:

from my flickr

The Starlite Lounge, Brooklyn's oldest gay bar--and maybe the city's first black-owned gay bar--is on the chopping block, thanks to a new landlord. [Gothamist]

The District, the condo that provided a "pretend life," gets even more pretendy as they host Victoria's Secret Angel Bootcamp. [EVG]

The Slum Goddess goes for a swing on Spidey's magic ride. [NMNL]

Yuppie Overlords called out on the Bowery. [BB]

Bellevue's psych hospital retains its spooky charms. [GVDP]

Carpets removed from StuyTown's elevators, thanks to poop-shoed college kids: Says one maintenance man, "The last time I checked dogs didn't wear New Balance sneakers when they stomped their feces into a rug." [STLL]

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Ed said...

I would be cool with the area around the High Line if that was the designated yunnie neighborhood. Sort of like other neighborhoods in the city are or at least used to be for particular ethnic groups. The yunnies would congregate there and eat yunnie food and do yunnie things and leave the rest of us alone. Tourists would visit to gawk at all the people walking and using electronic devices.

But no, they want the whole city.