Friday, April 17, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Something's coming to the former Addukkan space on a block of 7th Street that has been turning fast--these baskets were dumped, the windows are papered, and the permit says a kitchen is coming. Also, um, it's in the name of the same architects who designed Jamba Juice:

Le Figaro Cafe has risen from the dead? A tipster sent in this shot of the reincarnated 50-something years-old cafe after it was crushed by Qdoba. Anyone know the story--same owners?

Photographer Paul Sahner answers his grandfather's 1961 New York with shots from today. [NYCG]

Jim Knipfel walks in Brooklyn and talks about his new novel, Unplugging Philco. [WWIB]

One mom-and-pop responds to the recession: Care for some fresh-baked bread with your gravestone? [NYS]

A look at the TV repair shops of Park Slope. [HIPS]

Streit's matzoh not so kosher to the Jews of Queens and Far Rockaway? [TJS]

Artists pushed out of NYC move to Cleveland, plant seeds for the next SoHo? [EVG]

Is the city really tearing down one of its showpiece newsstands for a metal box? [BBoogie]

At junior-high S/M garden parties outfitted by Juicy Couture, the Queen of Stuff rules. [Restless]

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