Friday, April 24, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Astor Place Starbucks to shutter! There was a time you could stand on the corner of St. Marks and 3rd and look west upon a trio of Starbucks: 1 to your right, a big 1 dead ahead, and #3 in the Barnes & Noble. Now there will be one. [Eater]

As the Yankees and the city continue to hemorrhage money, what will happen to their plans to wipe out this Bronx neighborhood and replace it with high-rises and upscale shopping? [EVG]

Is the recession making people leave New York? Find out what people had to say about what might be, in one commenter's words "a natural Darwinian process that thins out the wussies from the New York City herd." [CR]

Chelsea Now says goodbye to the Chelsea Court Meat Market, on a 9th Ave that's "becoming fabulously foofy." [CN]

Park Slope, your C-Town was once an RKO theater. [HIPS]

The wrecking ball has come for the Provincetown Playhouse. [Boogie]


Anonymous said...

Before it was the Riviera Cafe, that large Starbucks was the skankies deli ever. A shriveled ham, grey roast beef etc. But it was giant, and it had a couple of tremendous pinball machines. I spent a lot time high and having fun in there.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance Starbucks, the bad news is that someone will probably put another chain there. I highly doubt the new business will be "mom & pop" shop...

Alex in NYC said...

I live a block away from that doomed Starbucks, right in the groin of NYU. Predictably, the last two nights have been rife with "whoo-hoo!" I've put away a strenuous amount of beer in my day, believe me, but NEVER ONCE have I ever been motivated to shout "WHOO-HOO" at the top of my goddamn lungs whilst making my rounds in the dead of night. Don't understand it, but it makes me want to mount a submachine gun on my window sill and start spraying the street.