Thursday, April 2, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

I guess people in Chelsea just aren't buying fine custom kitchens like they used to. This place just shut down:

Some good news for Coney (?): More freaks. [Gothamist]

How would you improve New York? [RS]

The affluent and/or aspirational are abandoning their trendy accessory pets in droves. [CR]

Enforced voyeurism tops a former synagogue on 7th Street. [EVG]

A regretful Wall Street programmer recalls the games traders played: "they marched into the men’s room and stood at the wall opposite the urinals. Dropping their pants, they bet $100 on who could train his stream the longest on the urinals across the lavatory. As their hydraulic pressure waned, the three traders waddled, pants at their ankles, across the floor, desperately trying to keep their pee on target. This is what $2 million of bonus can do to grown men." [NYM]


Mike said...

I won't miss that kitchen store. The staff was unbelievably condescending.

Anonymous said...

There new location is around the corner at 17th and 8th.

Barbara L. Hanson said...

I just pass by any store that says "fine custom" whatever. Unless maybe it's fine custom pizza.

Anonymous said...

Correction...the "new" location just shut down & cleared out, as well.