Wednesday, April 29, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Another demolition for once-interesting 8th Ave? This shot comes in from tipster Reed, at the corner of 46th and 8th, an area that's been almost totally clear-cut. The "ghosts of 8th Ave" are wailing:

7th St. to get more crowded with more bars and restaurants. Liquor license apps to come. Keep an eye on your CB3 agenda. The Addukkan space is #80 E. 7th and the outdoor bar/cafe is #83. [EVG]

Who knew: Cobble Hill factory was the birthplace of the Invisible Dog. [NYT]

Boogie goes paparazzo for Jarmusch at the Sunshine. [BB]

Giant, silver Cooper Union "hive" inspires paranoid space-alien graffiti. [FP]

Starbucks haters, enjoy this visual treat. [Eater]

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The New York Experience said...

This is very strange. For the past few months, every time I have seen one of those neon colored piece of papers wrapped around parking meters and trees warning of suspended parking due to filming, it has been for Ugly Betty.

Jill said...

An email just arrived from a friend of mine telling me her cake is in an Ugly Betty episode airing this week. You know you go for years with no Ugly Betty references and then two in one day just makes me want to play the lottery.

Eden Bee said...

I am never usually sad to see a starbucks close..but I have to say..I vend sometimes in front of this one on Astor and there were SO many characters and wingnuts that hung out there every day that I actually will miss it a little! I can't even get into the insane people I met there and the bizarre conversations I would get drawn into..I've seen complete insanity go down there all hours of the night..I guess all the nutters will move across the street to Mcdonalds. Or just to the other damn starbucks that's right across the street!

swtcurran said...

the bldg on 8th ave has one apartment where lights are still on... i wonder if someone is still fighting eviction?

Anonymous said...

I have a direct view of this building. As of today it still stands, alas, empty. Fond memories of Collin's Bar. No food, just drinks (but you could order your food from outside) or just enjoy the free popcorn :)