Tuesday, April 21, 2009

P&G Gutted

After 67 years on the Upper West Side, after lingering through the winter months, then closing and losing its iconic signage, the P&G bar has been gutted.

A reader sent in photos of the carnage, including this one of the interior being hauled away in a dump truck. Do any of those bricks hold remnants of the Austrian castle scene, painted in 1943 by a patron who couldn't pay his tab?

The P&G must be on people's minds, because another reader sent in the following photos, too. Up the road a bit, the new P&G awaits. Down a set of iron stairs, with no neon sign to light the way.

Only a piece of paper taped inside the window to declare its hopes for the future: "On the corner of 73rd St & Amsterdam Ave for 67 years--Looking forward to the same in our new home."


Ray said...

They are open in the new location. Have been for about 2 weeks. Still looks like a work in progress.

ShatteredMonocle said...

Why was it they couldn't save the neon?

Jeremiah Moss said...

bartender told me it was just too fragile with age. taking it down essentially took it apart.

d myers said...

a staff person told me the neon exists and that adam sandler offered them 1million for it.