Wednesday, June 4, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

EV Grieve recently featured a plethora of pics of tourists posing on Carrie Bradshaw's stoop. Of course, it's not actually her stoop and the people who really live there are unhappy about their role in the SATC franchise. I wandered by and snapped their response to the stoop-sitters: "Yer goin' ta jail beeyotches!" Or something like that:

Terrible news today from E. 3rd Street, where bazillionaires have been permitted to evict an entire building full of residents to make their own private mansion (and then convert it, no doubt, to luxury housing later on). [EVG] [NYO]

Rally with Reverend Billy on June 5 at 5:00 to save Union Square from privatization. Click here for info.
Coney's Dick Zigun sticks it to Bloomie hard. [GL]

Rent-stabilized apartments fell in number and landlord harassment rose last year--and lots of people are unabashedly happy about it. [Curbed]

Florent is selling itself on ebay--get it while you can--and all proceeds go to a benefit fund for the soon out-of-work staff. Check out all the great posters and maps here:

Take a look inside the smashed Gulf Coast of Weird Way West. [HunterG]

A new roundup of NYC's ghost signs. [FNY]

Would you eat cake with pictures of sewage treatment plants on it? [NYS]

Remember the kiddie condo at Kid-O? Now they've got a kiddie crane. If only they'd put them both together, kids could play the tons-of-fun "crane accident" game:


Anonymous said...

hi, just wanted to let you know that i read your blog every day and you inspired me to write my latest post.
your "weird way west" story back in early may struck a chord when you included a picture of the old Gulf Coast diner that i actually worked at. here is the link:

your story is linked in the piece. wanted to send you an email, but couldn't find where to do it on the page.

thank you, btw, for your always thoughtful posts. it's nice to know that other people still care about what is happening to the city.
all the best, hntrnyc

Jeremiah Moss said...

nice! i linked to you in today's chatter

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In all fairness, the SATC location tourists are kind of doing what I used to do.

I would roam the subways and subway stations at 1 AM in the morning. Hang out around Coney Island on the sand during sunrise. Chase some of my friends through Central Park with my baseball bat at night. We would pretend we were gang members on the run from other gangs and the police.

I think you all know what movie I was a huge fane of.

The only difference between myself and the SATC fans is that I was 10 years old at the time and NOT IN MY FUCKING 20'S, 30'S AND 40'S LIKE THE FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS IN THOSE DISGUSTING PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

J, looking at those stoop-sitting SATC wannabe's in their dirty Levi's and with their even dirtier hair makes me repeat: Audrey Hepburn died for our sins.

Anonymous said...

First I would like to acknowledge that is an incredible website!

Regarding the kiddie condo and kiddie crane: does this company make lil' wobbly real estate brokers and cut-n-paste kits to create your own eviction notices and 'for rent' signs? How about lil's playsets that simulate Starbucks; for the kids to make-believe ordering coffee, not preparing it of course.

This whole thing has really accelerated my graduation to codgerdom.

Anonymous said...

I think there’s room for a lot of different accessories for the kiddie condo. Tiny hedge-fund managers, brothel madams, and oil sheiks to live in the top floors. Little yunnie family dolls to fill up the rest (in order to make it realistic, they should each be the same doll over and over again, just with different colored clothing). Each family could come with little tiny diamond-encrusted flip-flops, little tiny SATC DVDs, and little tiny bottles of Paxil for the kids.
Let me see, am I forgetting anything? Oh yes, and little heavily-armed anti-terrorism police to serve as a stern warning to the un-fabulous dolls. Not that any un-fabulous dolls exist in the kiddie condo universe, of course, but naturally fear of the unknown is always present (that could be a doll in and of itself). Oh, and maybe that should be “Blackwater security dolls” instead of “police”.
As for the kiddie crane, maybe a handful of undocumented immigrant laborer dolls to keep construction going without those pesky unions dolls!

They could really make this a whole toy line!