Friday, June 13, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Don't forget! Tonight at 8:00: "March Against Real Estate Developers, Landlords, Yuppie Wine Bars and Republicans" at Bowery Wine Co. There's gotta be something for everyone to hate in that title. [Urbanite]

...And a bored Mars Bar bartender invites you all to come have fun before and after the march--business has been "deathly slow" at the old dive since CBGB closed. That's bad, so go buy a lot of beer. [NMNL]

The "rogue anagrammers" of the Flatbush Pavilion are back in action with a new series of marquee titles. A comment on American Apparel's takeover? Paul Berger has the original story and jackszwergold sent in this photo:

Nusraty's son sets the record straight
in a comment here: His father's store on Bleecker is not being replaced, by Marc Jacobs or anyone else! So go say "hi" to Abdul, he'd love to see you and you never know when he will be moving. As his son tells us in a follow-up comment here, "I must say that relocation within the Village may be a possibility in the future. Unfortunately, Bleecker street has transformed into Broadway (SoHo) and it may no longer be a prime location for my father's business."

The EV's old Mandel Tobacco sign, complete with antique phone exchange, has been taken down by the new occupants (architects). It's taking up space in their office and they want to give it away to someone who'll love it. Any takers? Email this VNY reader:

photo: Frank Jump

There's a mad stabber in Williamsburg. I don't NV the people living there one bit. [Gothamist]

Sign the petition to stop the privatization of Union Square Park.

Kenny Shopsin is putting out a cookbook--and Eep is afraid it's a sign that Shopsin's (where they enjoy knocking yuppies and Whole Foods) might vanish. [eep!]

BaHa visits Yorkville's Hungarian Meat Market [SE], where I also recently enjoyed some bacon-flavored snacks and took some pics, including this one of a can with a lovely cow on it:

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