Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kiddie Condo

In the window of West 10th Street's Kid-O ("modern design for modern kids"), I spotted this familiar-looking structure. A condo for kids? I'm afraid so.

Made by Momoll in Switzerland, the Plexiglass Playtower "can be expanded in height (almost) without limit," just like the limitless, ever-rising glass towers of our city. It features floor-to-ceiling windows for maximum exposure, just like the real things in our panopticon metropolis.

Of course it makes sense that a generation of children raised in glass boxes would want to play in glass boxes furnished with plain wooden blocks and not in carpeted, wallpapered Victorian dollhouses filled with teeny-tiny details. And maybe, though its one-dimensionality lacks all depth, the simplicity of a modernist toy sparks creativity.

Still, I can't help believing that the Plexiglass Playtower, like all the stuff at Kid-O, is really for parents who don't want bright and chaotic, messy toys clashing with their minimalist ultra-modern decor.

photo from Momoll

P.S. The tower sells for $350. I figure that's about $130 per square foot. A bargain in these inflated days--maybe we should all "minimalize" ourselves and move in. And, look, there's room to park our private helicopters!

*Addendum: The Times writes about parents who wish their kids wouldn't disrupt their modern decor.


Lidian said...

It looks like something you could make yourself out of plastic and bristol board - $350, unbelievable.

Old dollhouses - and things back then in general - were made so beautifully, and people appreciated the details in architecture. I have a very plain dollhouse my gg grandfather made for my grandmother, but very nicely made (he was a cabinet maker).

jose said...

Wow. This will be the hot toy for any young burgeoning entrepeneur who wants to gentrify and stratify neighborhoods just like their fathers! YAY!

Reed said...

Here is a quote from Bloomberg TV about this new, ugly architecture:

The crinkly glass that clads the $150 million, 23-story condo tower for locally based Cape Advisors Inc. blows away the pink-brick drabness that's been strangling New York apartment architecture for decades.

Thanks Bloomberg, for helping to destroy New York.

john said...

bloomie is only the local hatchetman for this worldwide free-market mania that has no respect for past present or future, save for a select, comfortably numb and blind few.

fall babylon fall babylon fall

so_chic_darling said...

Stroller nazis of the West Village will love this one.
The joy of buying expensive toys overtakes them as they pull out black Amex cards,this is better than the sex they're not having in their cold glass boxes.

Joey Knish said...

Jeremiah man, I feel like crying sometimes because of what's happening to this city, and I'm a grown man, born and bred and made into the baddest motherfucker west of East New York. We're a last of a breed, friend. Keep writing because millions feel the same way you do.