Monday, June 30, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Mr. Nusraty, what's the story? You said it was just a rumor here, but today we hear the rumors are true and Afghan Imports will soon become a Brooks Brothers offshoot on Bleecker. [Racked]

Just in time, a new Bank of America branch opens in the Toll Brothers McTower and has some strong words for would-be panhandlers. [EVG]

More evidence the tide might be turning, luxury landlords are starting to choke on their high-priced units. [Times]

Christopher Gray's "Streetscapes" provides a handy follow-up to my piece on the Schrafft's building at 61 Fifth Ave: "architect Alta Indelman says she is working on a design for a 10-story apartment house with one triplex, three duplexes and ground-floor retailing. She said that she had considered trying to salvage some of the Schrafft’s facade but that it was too far gone." [Times]

Read this gorgeous story about a forest of rolling ladders in Soho. [Times]

Do you get anxious when your cellphone battery runs low? Do you just pretend to turn to silent mode when the movie begins? Do you avoid travel to rural areas for fear of dead spots? Then you might be suffering from...nomophobia.

The Beaver House has tetherball? OMG, it is summer camp! The Beaver boys are having an open house July 13 and 20, from noon to 4:00.


Anonymous said...

just pick your nose and walk by--or pretend to and drop the fake bugger near them--

Anonymous said...

Everybody be sure to watch and lookout for supermodels voluntarily jumping off of buildings thus falling from sky onto city streets.

Anonymous said...

Bleecker St. should be renamed Mall of the Americas! Can't believe how that once quaint street is turning into a suburban hellhole! Brooks on Bleecker, forget it. Remember when Brooks had a store at 666 Fifth? That was a one time visit.

Anonymous said...

Those rolling ladders are great, my dad owns a rolling ladder from Putnam for his home in Florida. (Priced out of NYC where he originally wanted to be). The ladder brings a piece of NY's history to his new home.