Thursday, June 13, 2013

New York 1974

While we're on a roll with old New York photo collections, check out the work of Chris Protopapas on Flickr.

Looking through windows in 1974--the glorious Gordon Novelty Shop, a cobbler shop where "old shoes are like old friends," the strange objects in the window of beauty supply store.

There are 23 photos here (and another bunch from the early 1980s). Chris wishes there were more, as he writes, "I guess I should have spent even more time documenting the city in those days, especially the little storefronts which are almost all gone now."


chummy's mum said...

That second photo of the mannequin heads is nightmare fodder. And so excellent. :)
]Great collection of photos!

Mitch said...

These photos remind me of those in the very nice book "New York in the Sixties".

These were taken a few years later, but carry the same look.

James Taylor said...

Wow, those Ellis Island pictures are incredible.