Friday, June 14, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

Meet Mr. Tish and Adrian, two octogenarian drag queens still reigning over their Greenwich Village stoop. [WIC]

Ray's Candy gets a new lease! [Villager]

June 26: That's the last day for the Blarney Cove.

Bloomberg uses our hurricane anxiety to propose a new luxury "neighborhood" to be built "on landfill along the East Side of Manhattan from the Lower East Side to Battery Park, as a way of protecting the area from future hurricane storm surges." [HP]

All about the Birdman documentary. [EVG]

a barber stops to watch St. Anthony go by

Does anyone remember the mystery gospel trio of Bleecker Street? Listen to these street recordings from 1990. [MNYGT]

Check out PopSpots--where the original locations of record cover photos are found. [PS]

NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan wins a Village Award, and much deserved for all their important work. [GVSHP]

A map of bohemian Greenwich Village in 1925. [Slate]

Circo's Pastry gets its antique neon restored. [NYN]

Frank's Express Pizza

The Hunt & Fish Club, an 'elite clubhouse' restaurant specifically for hedge fund guys" is coming. [Gawker]

Please turn down the volume on your phone video games--it's driving people crazy. [FIPS]

Another mom and pop hardware store--the locksmith to the stars--is closing. [Villager]

The horrifying chaining of Coney Island. [NYDN]

And here's another crap chain store for the once-great Coney Island. [ATZ]


esquared™ said...

Hoo-Ray! Or Wooooo-Ray's!

chummy's mum said...

Do you happen to know who Ray's landlord is? That person is doing the city a wonderful service by not being greedy and allowing a very trusted tenant continue doing what he loves and keep his business. A rarity in these times. Cheers!

laura r. said...

my cat was named "tish". pish tish full name, mr. tish when he wanted formal. thank you for the good read about the bank street boys.

Uncle Waltie said...

"June 26: That's the last day for the Blarney Cove."

Damn...that's my 21st birthday. So I'll never really get to experience the BC.

laura r. said...

hunt & fish club: whats the problem? they are not taking away your apt, or making neigborhood noise. i read the comments w/the link, i dont get it. you go whwre you go, they go where they go. sooo????