Friday, June 28, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

From blogger Cathryn Swan, check out Tales of Washington Square Park, "your official guide to that historic park by the editor of the Washington Square Park Blog." [Bgirl]

The Yippie Museum Cafe is closing this weekend. [EVG]

Luxury businesses cannot afford Soho anymore. [NYO]

"the MTA will vacate its headquarters buildings in Midtown Manhattan by the end of next year and award a long-term lease to a developer expected to demolish the buildings and redevelop the premier location with modern Class A offices, a hotel, residential tower, or a mixture of uses." [MTA]

The glory of 1980s Staten Island. [Slate]

Take a walk on the Crack Tracks of the Bronx. [JKM]

A Brooklyn alley is being revived as a hipster market--and somehow Vesuvio got stuck in there. [NYDN]

Say goodbye to those little metal tags at the Met. [NYT]

Looking at Stonewall's neon signs. [NYN]

A sad farewell to Blarney Cove. [GL]

A sad shot of what's become of Bleecker Bob's--"choke on your yogurt." [FP]


The Fire Man said...

its become very sad that even old buildings built before ww2, have become juicy targets for those developers. THese are old, venerable classic buildings hat have possibilities of being reincarnated into a nice historic hotel. You don;t need to demolish it because it has soul. Why do you want another glass building!

Ed said...

The NYO article on Soho is well worth reading.

One thing I've found perplexing is how little to do there is in really expensive neighborhoods. People comment about how quiet at night Soho has gotten now that the bars and restaurants are being forced out. Parts of the Upper East Side are so quiet at night that its creepy, and there are not really a lot of commercial places open during the day, compared to the rest of the city. Its like being deep in residential outer borough territory but you are paying beaucoup $$$ for it. I can understand the appeal to the wealthy of living on an estate in an isolated part of the countryside, but I would think that if you are going through the trouble of living in an apartment in the city, you would want more urban life around within walking distance.

Grand St. said...

Jere- don't know if this is a news flash, but I saw a 'future home of Bleecker Bob's' sign in the window of the old Disc-o-Rama space on W. 4th near Barrow today.

Grand St. said...

Whoops. Read 'Street,' but somehow got 'Bob's' on the brain. ...and based on today's post, wasn't a news flash either.