Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bell Bates


A couple of readers have written in to let us know that, after 128 years in business, Bell Bates natural food store in Tribeca is closing.

photo: Ron Greenberg

Tribeca Citizen first reported the story, saying, "it’s hard not to pin this as an inevitable consequence of Whole Foods coming to Tribeca." They hear the building has been sold to a school.

Located on Reade Street, Bell Bates has been family owned and operated in New York City since 1885.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no,” said one Tribeca resident to DNA when she heard the news. "Man, what a shame--this neighborhood is really changing. No more room for the mom and pop stores.”


Crazy Eddie said...

The new templates for Manhattan are NJ Routes 46 & 17. When is a Chili's going to move in?

Ken Mac said...

Soon a corporation will trademark "mom and pop" then we will have mom and pop stores again: faux storefronts, old fixtures, "homey" menus and artisinal breads... by then no one left will know the difference..

Doris said...

@Crazy Eddie - although there's plenty of fast food places on 46 and 17, Route 46 in particular has LOTS of Mom & Pop businesses still in operation. It amazes me every time I'm driving on it.

Doris said...

@Crazy Eddie - although Route 17 and 46 have lots of fast food places, etc. they still have many Mom & Pop owned businesses that continue to thrive in spite of that. It amazes me every time I'm driving on it.

S.S. said...

I used to go to bell bates a lot in the 1970s and 80s when it was on the corner at West Broadway. The owner I recall was Middle Eastern, either Turkish or Syrian, very likely a member of the Syrian/Middle Eastern community that was located downtown until about 60 years ago

Anonymous said...

Ken Mac--Well said.
The faux "oldness" they import into these places is depressing.

Like taking all the nutrition out of bread and then dying it brown to make it look like real food.

Anonymous said...

I was in Bell and Bates a month ago and noticed the stock was looking sort of low, so I wondered if they were in trouble. I just did a search and discovered today was their last day. I, too, remember when they were in the corner location on West Broadway. It was cramped and the shelves were packed. It had that wonderful smell of spices that you don't find in places like Whole Foods. Nothing else to add, just feeling a bit sad to see yet another local business go.