Friday, June 7, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

"Facebook Inc. is moving its New York office south and nearly doubling its space, marking the latest technology company to set up shop in the city's Midtown South neighborhood." And by "Midtown South" they mean the East Village. [WSJ]

The New York City Marble Cemetery is open tomorrow. [NYCMC]

Check out "The Birdman," a film about the man behind Rainbow Music, a "hoarder's paradise" in the East Village. [vimeo]

Go to the 9th Street Bakery, buy something, and say goodbye. Sunday is the last day. [EVG]

Enjoy some rather vivid photos of Katz's pastrami-eating contest, by Tim Schreier. [Flickr]

"New York City has drastically changed, I don’t mean a block or two here and there but entire communities have been erased, as if they never did exist in the first place." An interview with Mick Dementiuk. [LM]

Visiting the ghost of Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field. [NSTAW]

Folsom East Tea Dance: “We got a lot of feedback from the community that were really disappointed about Folsom Street East being cancelled. There was a bunch of rumors about the community changing and pushing out events like Folsom Street East." [Next]

Goodbye to the Catene Deli. [OMFS]

Italian grandmothers review that place that took over Rocco's: "I'm not loving this. To me, it's like chopped liver in a pierogi. Sorry, darling." [Grub]

The closing of Paradise Garage. [DM]

The petition to save Pino's is growing--if you haven't signed or shared it, please do. [Petition]

Stan Mack revisits the Mosaic Man and offers his wonderful 1988 map of Tompkins Square Park:


Anonymous said...

Hilarious that this WSJ writer thinks 770 Broadway, just south of Union Square, could be "Midtown South". Don't know much about geography, eh?

Caleo said...

I laughed out loud at the Midtown South designation, but after thinking about it I wouldn't be at all surprised if the EV ended up being called that. Everything that we consider Midtown is spreading south, snaking down the island, to eventually meet up with Wall Street, destroying every last vestige of the LES and Chinatown in it's wake.
Dubai on the Hudson. Midtown takes over the whole of Manhattan.

laura r. said...

when they build office buidongs there it WILL be midtown south. get ready, here it comes!

Uncle Waltie said...

Wall Street junior writers are dumb and dumber. She/He/It probably thinks the Coal Yard is a cool place to hang out. I mean...didn't Mikey Bloomberg mention it in one of his speeches?
I wouldn't piss on the Coal Yard's jukebox.

laura r. said...

mick d's interview was interesting, though i dont know of his work. interesting NY is "over" from all he said, & this blog. i wonder what kind of area he lives in now? (the new jersey location).

Edt333 said...

Are you sure he lives in the Jersey location now?