Monday, March 26, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

Many tears on the last night of the great Bill's Gay 90s. [DJ]

Lost City unearth's some of Bill's secrets. [LC]

Maybe "Girls" will be good--Emily Nussbaum says so. But will it be an antidote to the ravages of SATC? [NYM]

Columbia's demolition in eminent-domained Manhattanville causes collapse and death. [NYO]

The films of Sara Driver at Anthology: "New York really did have magic then, because it was such an empty city. It was very cheap to live here. You could have a job in a Xerox store and pay your rent and have your food. People didn’t want to be here…and the people who were, really wanted to be here.” [AFA]

RADAR Lab, queer-centric lit at the Strand. [CNY]

Susie Bright recalls the dirty days of the Meatpacking District. [SB]

"Find a new city," said Patti Smith. How about Detroit? [NYM]

Recently, at Astor Place--thank goodness for Mr. Silver:

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