Monday, March 5, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

Sprinkles, the cupcake chain that moved into Gino's, will now be dispensing cupcakes from ATM machines. [NYDN]

"in the past few months I have come face to face with the distinct possibility that I’ve finally morphed into the species of specious Brooklynite I’ve always mocked." [NYO]

First they took the old newsstands, now they want to get rid of "ugly" food carts. [AMNY]

Searching for the hidden coal ovens of NYC. [SE]

Inside Keen's pipe room. [NYT]

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space coming to C-Squat. [EVG]

A story about tough New Yorkers and magical potions from Romy. [WIC]

Lucy of Lucy's profiled in the Times, as her East Village dive bar "braves the area's latest affliction: affluence." [NYT]

Are people getting stupider? [NYT]

In "the year without a winter" spring in New York City is fucked. [NYT]

A treasure trove of old neon signs. [NYN]


esquared™ said...

Y U NO vote Republican?

Welcome to AOL Time Warner Taco Bell US Government Long Distance.

Electrolytes, must have electrolytes.

On the +(?) side, one will be able to get a law degree at Costco and a handjob at Starbucks when the age of Idiocracy comes.

abrod said...

The hell with the business owners on 34th St - I agree their complaints about the carts are suburban in nature; food carts have long been a staple of New York street corners. They happen to be extremely useful in a pinch and some of the street meat carts are actually pretty damn good.

Amy said...

About the new Museum of Reclaimed Space (MoRUS) at C-Squat, it looks like these people could really use help to get this project off the ground. I found their Crowdrise page here: I will probably donate archives to them as well as money.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

That NYO piece is very formulaic "New Yorker becomes parent" shctick - overdone by now.

Ed said...

People have been getting dumber for four reasons:

1. Bad food; more processed foods in the standard American diet.

2. Bad media (particularly television).

3. Increased use of drugs in schools.

4. Generally dumbed down culture.

Americans have always been poorly or half educated, and its not that this is getting worse but it leaves people more vulnerable to the other factors.

I don't think the portable electronic devices help matters, especially as they tend to kill chance encounters/ conversations, but I think they are more of a symptom of a problem.

James Campbell Taylor said...

I heard the cupcake ATM had opened in Beverly Hills last week... I knew it was only a matter of time it arrived here but that was fast.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks everyone. i'm happy to say i finished reading a novel (Jennifer Egan's Invisible Circus) last night, and started reading another (Zoe Heller's Everything You Know) this morning. words on paper--good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremiah
I just found this:

There are some nice pictures of New York walls and windows from 1980.