Tuesday, March 13, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

In the East Village, people leaving clothes on the sidewalk for the homeless are getting awfully fussy (and bossy) about the whole thing:

Met Foods has removed the Ratner's "R" from their floor--but we still have the mosaic wall. [EVG]

A lovely ode to the dearly departed Manganaro's, its ladies, and its neon. [NYN]

Landlord of Harlem's famed and fabulous Lenox Lounge hikes the rent--and the owner is out. [NYDN]

Author Christopher Bollen recalls life in a Williamsburg that has changed dramatically in just 10 years. [PRD]

Dean Haspiel puts the Montero Bar & Grill into a comic. [TC]

A "manifesto of gentrification" in photographs of Park Slope. [NYT]
Help preserve the mural at the former Victor's Cafe. [LW]

Last week, the Odessa cash mob drew a dozen neighborhood folks, including bloggers C.O. Moed, Goggla, Marty, Melanie, and One More Folded Sunset, many of whom covered the event in their blogs. What's next for the mobbing?


esquared™ said...

Scary Sadshaws are, and will always be, scary and sad

Little Earthquake said...

Not only is the NYC of SATC a fantasy, so is the "you can have it all" line of BS these women have swallowed hook, line, and sinker thanks in part to that show. This woman's only 25 so she still has time to get her act together. Otherwise it's a ten year countdown til she hits The Wall and shifts gears.

Katrink said...

Thanks, amigo, for posting the link about Victor's Cafe.

Anonymous said...

And what would Holly Golightly tell these SATC girls who've gone to LA? "Sally Tomato!"

Anonymous said...

That Williamsburg short story was very good. I love one of the comments below - it's from a completely oblivious Sex-and-the-City type like the kind in the Post write-up.

everettsville said...

Jeremiah, this is an especially strong Everyday Chatter today. The Manganaro's story, The Montero's comic, the apartment story, the Park Slope photographer, etc. Just want to say thanks for some really good reading this morning.