Monday, March 26, 2012

Peep World


Today is the last day for Peep World, the porn shop across from Madison Square Garden. The cashier told me they are closing for good tonight at 6:00.

Go before it's too late. They're having a major "closing down sale"-- all DVDs are $5.

The upstairs, where once were "live girls," is closed and packed with cardboard boxes and other junk. The walls are hung with the usual latex goods--synthetic penises and vaginas--along with vibrating eggs, pumps, clamps, and plush-lined handcuffs in friendly cotton-candy colors. The toys are also on sale--"Everything must go."

In the back, where a sign says "No Hanging Around," men hang around. They lean against the buddy booths, waiting for other men to step inside.

Many people will be glad to hear Peep World has vanished. They will say it was an offense for one reason or another. Of course, what's to come won't be viewed as worse.

*Update: It became a Hooters chain.

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Anonymous said...

this is very sad. there are less and less places one can go to release. life in new york can be lonely and stressful and these booths have got me through the day a few times. i guess the internets easy access to smut put this place under. whats worse? gastro-pub chain filled with MSG goers or a castle for creeps?

JAZ said...

RIP Peep World. One of my favorite things about walking to Penn Station was passing Peep World, and getting that tiny bit of satisfaction that there are still little pockets of unpolished character that haven't been plowed over yet. It was extremely comforting.

Anything that doesn't fit in a SATC fantasy has no room in this city anymore. If Carrie Bradshaw is going to slap Mr. Big in the face, it isn't going to be after catching him walking out of Peep World while adjusting his suspenders; it's gonna be for forgetting her artisanal cupcake on the counter at Magnolia.

Marty Wombacher said...

And another slice of sleaze vanishes as the city becomes even more generic. I think that "gastropub" sounds more like a "ghastly pub."

Unknown said...

I can't belive this. I just walked past here today and had a slight smile on my face to know not all of NYC has been whitewashed. That smile has now become a frown. Man this city is getting me down.

Anonymous said...

They had a huge basement of booths in the late 90's. A big open room with booths lining two opposing walls. All men. It ;) Closed around '97.

Anonymous said...

Spent a lot of time sucking dick in those booths. 2001-2003. Loved that place. Reeked of smegma, stale seed, and BO. But wow... what fun to work the booths for hours at a time. My record was 38 cocks in a single night. Best glory hole in the city. I miss it.