Tuesday, September 6, 2011

World in Wax

It's a lazy, end-of-summer, holiday week, and that means...reruns! I'll be revisiting some of my personal favorite posts here this week.

Today, go back to Coney Island's World in Wax Musee. Costa Mantis' full-color photos of this ghoulish treasure of lost Coney Island cannot be missed. You'll see Hickman the Fox dismembering little Marion Parker in a bathtub! Husband-killing seductress Ruth Snyder of Double Indemnity infamy! And Lina Madina, the baby who gave birth to a baby.

They're here, they're real, they're not alive!

photograph: Costa Mantis, 1981


Anonymous said...

You have neglected Felicia Rincon, Mayoress of San Juan, Puerto Rico;
the running mural above the tableaux—
of Dante's Inferno—Nat King Cole's backward hand; "Who Killed Cock Robin,"
and approximately 20 thousand other incredible details at one of the greatest NY places of all time.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

It's stuff like this that made me love CI.

Anonymous said...

jeremiah can we give it a break? i understand the shrine to coney island. but seriously how many x's a year to you & your readers go there? ok im sure things will liven up later!

Marty Wombacher said...

I'll take all the posts you can publish about Coney Island. I didn't see this the first time and appreciate you reposting it.