Monday, September 26, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

9/27 at 7 pm: Join Eileen Myles at St. Mark's Bookshop to celebrate the release of Zipper Mouth by Laurie Weeks--it's "life on the edge in New York City." [SMB]

Check out Ben Katchor's "Up from the Stacks," a musical about the NYPL and Times Square c. 1970. [BK]

After 60 years, DeBragga to leave the Meatpacking District. [Eater]

The bachelorettes take Avenue A. [EVG]

Corporate fashion, hipster, bicycle trend mashup thing. [Racked]

What's up in the Chelsea galleries? [TGL]

More from the pepper spraying of protesters. [NMNL]

Saying goodbye to the Starlite Lounge in a documentary about the oldest gay, black-owned business. [TSP]

Reader Phil Vasquez offers his Woody Allen-style nostalgic film, Song of Relations, for your viewing pleasure.

Blogologues: onstage monologues of blog posts at Under St. Mark's.

Enjoy the Obscene Diary of Sam Steward at the Museum of Sex (NSFW). [KLO]

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