Friday, September 16, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The Times profiles the last holdouts of their neighborhoods, featuring the fabulous Ivy Brown. [NYT]

photo: Todd Heisler

Congratulations to Joe My God and Sheepshead Bites for winning CBSNY's Most Valuable Blogger. Thanks again to everyone who voted!

Books are not pickles! [WNYC]

Jay Shells, the etiquette sign guy, plays nice on Fox News then flips the script. [ANY]

The bones of dead bikes. [Restless]

We live in an age of glass,” said Ms. Laurel, an architect. “It can be a perfect mirror in certain lights, and the larger the glass, the more dangerous it is.” [NYT]

Our Lady of Sorrows processing through Carroll Gardens. [OMFS]

The exceptionalism that once made NYC: "Many people – whether they live in the heartland or on Fifth Avenue – like to think of New York City as so wild and extreme in its cultural fusion that it’s an anomaly in the United States, almost a foreign entity." [P&W]

How to make an egg cream just like Mr. Hooper:


Marty Wombacher said...

Loved that Jay Shells clip!

lauran said...

J you didnt win?? looks to me like kind of main-streamish winners. that tacky gay site? same old stuff......tired. thats "community affairs"? oh boy. & my computer wont completely open the "sheepshead bay" one. it looked kind of ugly anyway. you have more class that this.