Tuesday, September 27, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The latest Facebook announcement from Ruby's of Coney: "After 77 years of serving the Community, Ruby's is being Evicted........ Come share with us, and join us on our last day which will be Sat October 29."

5 questions for St. Mark's Bookshop. [OTG]

Cooper Union "asked [St. Mark's] bookstore to move into the empty retail space on the ground floor level of the dormitory building as a way to placate outraged community members." [Villager]

In the current issue of Bookforum (print only), Choire Sicha reviews James Wolcott's new memoir, which reconstructs "the vaguely dangerous '70s heyday of the East Village."

Bruce McCall's cover for this week's New Yorker is a dream come true--special sidewalk lanes for corralling tourists:

LES is a wasteland of stalled developments. [EVG]

Susan Sarandon at Occupy Wall Street. [Gothamist]

Occupy Wall Street collides with Luxury Night Out. [RS]

A slideshow of portraits from Occupy Wall Street. [NYO]

"Goldman Sachs rules the world." [youtube]

Bed-Stuy is getting a boutique wine shop. [BSr]

So which one really is the original Original Ray's? [Slice] via Eater

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