Monday, September 19, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The Occupation of Wall Street continues. [CR]

So just how well did St. Mark's Books do on the Buy A Book Weekend? Your purchases bumped sales by a whopping 35%. Nicely done bibliophiles of New York! [RS]

Gothamist followed up, too, and reports that St. Mark's "had a very good weekend—it was extremely busy." [Gothamist]

Remember when St. Mark's Books = “Susan Sontag and Annie Leibovitz used to come in here every Sunday night and close the place down... Allen Ginsberg met Philip Glass in the store... William Burroughs used to come in every Saturday morning wearing a suit and carrying a cane and hat." [NYT]

The real original Ray's to shutter. [NYT]

Broke-Ass Girls: some new ideas for New York-based TV shows. [Restless]

In 2008, I did a post on vanishing parking meters. Now we hear the last working parking meter is being ripped from the ground for good. [Gothamist]

Will Life Cafe be split in two? [EVG]

Look out--Crown Heights gets its first Farmers Market. [BSr]

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Katrink said...

It's "illegal for two or more people to wear masks"??? WTF? I avoid the Wall Street area because it looks so much like a war zone, with barricades and heavily armed cops everywhere. "The terrorists have won" indeed - we live in fear, cops treat us like cattle when we try to exercise our 1st Amendment rights, and the rich continue to profit from it.