Wednesday, February 16, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Alphabets shutters on Greenwich Avenue after 16 years. Some says it's the closure of St. Vincent's that's killing small businesses here:

Quantifying "Sidewalk Rage" in the city. [RS]

Pissing all over Eldridge Street. [BB]

Good news: The Coney Island 8 may be getting leases for the boardwalk--a one-year reprieve from destruction. [ATZ]

Check out this documentary about New York City in 1977. [Stupefaction]

An obituary for 35 Cooper Square as the city approves demolition. [EVG]

The New School's Noir Fest is coming in April. [NS]

Remembering Times Square's Hawaii Kai with Jerry Rio. [COS]

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Marty Wombacher said...

Thanks for the shoutout Jeremiah!

Anonymous said...

J, great post today. Re: St. V's closing; sad; my old nabe.
Re: NY 77. Great documentary. I remember a low level paranoia beginning in '76, ending in '80; guess I wasn't alone. In the doc, one saw few boomboxes. Hello? Also, why didn't Beame call in the National Guard during that looting? Never thought about it until this film. Question: now that NYC has become the love child of Trumpworld and Disneyland, could '77 be repeated?

Anonymous said...

How's business at that health club, Greenwich & W. 12th, where a movie theater once existed? It's one thing to lose a laundry, a cobbler, or a florist. We're talking, ahem, serious stuff when it comes to our vanity maintenance parlors.

Kevin Walsh said...

For God's sake. You know what I do when someone is in my way on the sidewalk?

I walk around them.

Grand St. said...

The hits just keep on coming in the neighborhood surrounding St. Vincent's.

Just noticed that Jesse's Deli on 12th and 7th, 30 years extant, is also on the way out. (Farewell signs in the windows.) I used to live in the building above it in the 90s, and some good guys ran the place back then.

Also noticed a back rent demand on the door of the 'Chez Brigitte' Tasti-D-Lite the other day (apparently $30K outstanding). It was swiftly removed. Will be interesting to see if they re-open in March as promised...