Friday, February 4, 2011

Day-O Dead-O

The Art-Moderne storefront on Greenwich Avenue's former Day-O restaurant, the one that preservationists tried in vain to preserve, has officially been confirmed vanished.

It's been hidden behind padlocked, super-secure plywood for some time now, but on a recent walkby, we caught a glimpse inside. There is nothing left of the facade--no more curve and no more chrome. The "historic corner column," however, is now unexposed, as promised. You can see it in the center of this shot of the interior.

Here is what we've lost. 2010:


from westvillagebob's flickr



Anonymous said...

Had many good meals at La Marionetta. What's going into this space? A Starbucks? Any word as to what happened to Mario, the owner of La Marionetta? Hope he's well.

Mark said... nice to see a pic of La Marionetta again! I have great memories of lovely dinners here, almost 40 years ago. I loved watching the puppets on the rear wall.

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Speaking of store fronts, i was wondering if you have ever noticed the tiled columns on the Staples/Burlington Coat Factory building that runs from 22nd to 23rd street on 6 Ave - west side. They are pretty neat ...just wondered if there might be a story behind them?

Leopold Stotch said...


This was the very first restaurant I went to the first time I came to visit New York. Years later when I moved there I wound up living right around the corner and would see it pretty much on a daily basis. While the food was only so-so, whenever I passed it brought a smile to my face and reminded of that first exciting time when I came to NYC.
Hearing about (my favorite local haunt) Florent's passing a few years back gutted me as well.
When people often ask me, 'Why haven't you moved back to NYC', I mention places like these (and sadly dozens of others) and say 'Why? What's there to move back for?'

Ken Mac said...


Jeremiah Moss said...

Lilly, those are great columns. I think Forgotten NY just did a post on them--search under Burlington Coat Factory.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the curved corner of the restaurant I wonder was this ever considered as a possible location for the Hopper "Nighthawks" diner?