Friday, February 4, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Bloomberg responds to his narcissistic New Yorker cover image: "I’ve said this a thousand times--I like what I see in the mirror." [Gothamist]

Just what does "Nolita" stand for? Originally invented by the real estate industry in 1996, the word has just been reinvented by San Gennaro Feast supporter Little Carmine Aquilino. T-shirts by Judy at Deadicated to come!

Deadicated's flickr--click for more

Leader of the feast supporters, John Fratta, offers a new video, "We know for a fact that what's behind this whole thing is to eventually get rid of the feast." [youtube]

Bowery gets Boston roast beef--and a cheer of "Go Sox!" [EVG]

Firecrackers for the rabbit. [BB]

Scenes from Ray's burlesque birthday bash. [SG]

The amazing key art of Greenwich Locksmiths. [SNY]

A look inside abandoned Erasmus Hall. [Bstoner]

Imagine New York's museums defaced by billboards. [LM]

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esquared™ said...

SAGAL: ...When you're out of office, what do you want people to say about you? Mike Bloomberg that guy, he what?

Mayor BLOOMBERG: Handsome.

SAGAL: That was a good looking guy. Tall, too.

Mayor BLOOMBERG: Absolutely.

from Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me