Tuesday, February 1, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Bad news for Donohue's, the grand old steakhouse has been closed down by the Health Department. Keep your fingers crossed they come back. [JH]

35 Cooper Square with Hettie Jones and Eric Richards. [RS]

Check out the films coming up in this month's Lower East Side Film Festival.

Where used to be Aphrodisia Herb Shop, there is now Bar'rique Varietals and Kitchen. It's a wine bar. They have a number of artisanal items on the menu. Aphrodisia was forced to close after 40 years the Village:

Gorgeous inside shots of Coney's abandoned Playland. [Kensinger]

Saying goodbye to Bowery's Salvation Army before the next high-tech hotel flattens it. [EVG]

Save Astor Place. [Curbed]

Bring back The Whip! One of my favorite rides. [ATZ]

Something to annoy you about book publishing and real estate. [NYT]

...and something to feed your schadenfreude: Neil Genzlinger, my new hero, on the age of oversharing one's bland life. [NYT]

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Marty Wombacher said...

That's too bad about Donohue's. Hopefully they'll re-open soon, I only discovered the place through some friends at Christmas time (Hi Karen and Jon!) and was hoping to go back soon.